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Roasted Cauliflower White Cheddar Soup


Last week was SO… cold here in Kentucky.  I had two things on my mind all week… hot soup and hot bread, so I made both.  First I made my recipe for Homemade Bread Bowlsthat I later shared with you, and of course I just had to fill my bread bowls with some hot soup.  When choosing a soup for bread bowls, you want a creamy thick soup, not a brothy thin soup.  I had so many hot and creamy soup options to choose from, but after some thought I came up with the winner, Homemade Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup.   

Here’s a quick overview of what I did to make this soup delicious, creamy and loaded with flavor…  

  1. I started by chopping some fresh cauliflower and roasting it in my oven.
  2. I cooked some thinly sliced carrots in a small pan and set them aside.  I find that when I saute┬┤ vegetables, carrots seem to take quite a bit longer to get tender than other vegetables.
  3. I melted some butter in a dutch oven.  I added some celery, onion and garlic and cooked until the vegetables were tender.  Then I added some flour and a little chicken broth and made a roux, followed by more chicken broth.
  4. Next I added the roasted cauliflower…the star of the show.
  5. I added some milk and heavy cream, and lastly…some shredded white cheddar cheese. 

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