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White Chocolate M&M Coconut Easter Cookies

Make these irresistible cookies while those yummy White Chocolate Easter M&M’s are here! 

I love white chocolate, and I couldn’t wait until Easter candy recently showed up on my local grocery store shelves.  I was looking for one particular Easter candy… White Chocolate M&M’s.  My friend Lisa introduced me to these wonderful M&M’s last year about this time and the two of us finished off a bag of them within a couple of hours.

A few days ago, I mentioned to a couple of my friends, Jack and Bonita, that I hadn’t been able to find the white chocolate M&M’s yet this year, and I wanted to put them in some cookies.  The next day, I received two bags of white chocolate M&M’s, one from Jack and one from Bonita.  They wanted cookies!!  Lol.

I adapted this recipe from my Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  I replaced chocolate chips with white chocolate chips and those yummy white chocolate M&M’s.  Oh, but wait…I’m not finished.  One more yummy addition, coconut!  That’s right.  Have you ever tasted the combination of coconut and white chocolate?  What a delicious combo.  Now, if you’re just really not into coconut don’t worry…the coconut can be omitted.  You can also add extra chocolate chips or macadamia nuts to up the YUM factor.

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