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Homemade Scrapple


I’m going back to my roots today.  Yep!!  I’m talking about a food I grew up on, Scrapple.  What’s scrapple?  Okay, I won’t pick on you too much if you don’t know what scrapple is.  If you don’t know what scrapple is,  you probably do know what goetta is.  Allow me to clear up the difference between the two before I go on talking about scrapple.  There’s one main difference between goetta and scrapple.  Here’s what it is.  Goetta is made with pinhead oatmeal and scrapple is made with cornmeal.  They are both made from pork.

Now back to Scrapple…okay I might gross you out a little here, but please stay with me…

I grew up on a large farm and my dad slaughtered hogs in the winter.  We didn’t waste any of the hog.  We had pickled pigs feet and cracklins (and no…I couldn’t eat pigs feet today), but we also had scrapple.  The scrapple was made from the meat from the pigs head.  STOP…hear me out.  That’s right.  I didn’t even think to question it when I was a little girl.  All I knew was that my mom was a great cook and when she placed a plate in front of me with scrapple, eggs and homemade biscuits, I was in heaven.

Okay, not everyone uses the hog’s head today to make scrapple.  Trust me I don’t.  I actually use a pork shoulder to make scrapple and it tastes just as delicious as I remember it tasting as a kid.  So you can breathe easy now.  If you want to make some homemade Scrapple, just run to the grocery store.

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