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Moist Lemon Cupcakes with Mousse Filling

Do you love lemons?  Lemons bring sunshine into my life.  I love them!  Although, I might love them, it took three times experimenting in the MCT kitchen before getting these little bites of lemony sunshine to the perfect texture.  Something that I thought would be an easy win-win in the kitchen ended up testing my science of baking know how.


As I mentioned, I experimented with these cupcakes three times before getting the perfect texture along with the perfect amount of moistness.

Experiment 1 – I used butter, milk and lemon juice for moistness and flavor and self rising flour for leavening.  And eggs of course for binding everything together.  The cupcakes had a great flavor, but the cupcakes had a somewhat cornmeal like texture.  No…no…no!

Experiment 2 – I used butter, buttermilk and lemon juice for moistness and flavor and all-purpose flour and baking powder and salt for leavening.  The texture was okay but not as tender and moist as I preferred.  Nope…not a keeper!

Experiment 3  (Winner)  – I increased the buttermilk by two tablespoons and added an extra egg yolk.  The cupcakes were soft and moist.  We have a winner!!! Continue Reading…

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