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Coconut Bon Bons #1

Okay my friends, Easter is now two weeks away!!!  Today I’m reposting my recipe for Coconut Bon Bons…a recipe I’ve made for many years at Easter time, but guess what?  In the next couple of days I’m posting a second recipe for Coconut Bon Bons, so I’m renaming this one Coconut Bon Bons #1.

Both recipes are delicious, but here’s the difference.  My original recipe here contains corn syrup.  The corn syrup reconstitutes the dried desiccated coconut used in the bon bons.  My second recipe, (coming real soon), replaces the corn syrup with sweetened condensed milk and regular sweetened coconut is used in the bon bons.  Both recipes are equally delicious.  Click here  to go to my original recipe for Coconut Bon Bons #1.



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