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How To Make Tie Dye Frosting

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I bet you think that making Tie Dye frosting is hard.  Wrong!  It’s not only easy, but just think of the many color combinations you can use.  I made the cupcakes pictured above for my one year old grand-daughter, Chloe’s birthday, and I let my daughter, Christin, pick the colors.  These colors would also be great for a baby shower or a specific holiday.  So if you like the Tie Dye look, I’ll show you just how easy it is, and remember, I’m the person who is not a cake decorator, and I found it to be easy peasy!!!

Here’s how to make Tie Dye frosting…

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First you need a large star decorating tip…that’s a 1M…

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Next you’ll need to make a batch of your favorite buttercream frosting and divide it into 3 small bowls.  Add a different color of gel food coloring to each of the three bowls and mix well.  Spoon the frosting into three regular size piping/decorator bags.  Gather up the large end of the bags and twist a rubber band around them, then snip off the tip ends of the bags….

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Don’t over fill the bags because you want to flatten the bags out as much as possible like in the picture above…

multicoloredfrosting - 1

Do Not fill the bags full like the picture above.  If you do, the three bags will not fit into the larger bag that I will show you in a minute…

multicoloredfrosting - 3

Next you want to snip the end off of a large piping/decorator bag and insert the large star tip into the bag.  Again, it’s number 1M…

multicoloredfrosting - 8

Then you need to hold the three bags of buttercream together and slide them into the larger bag.  Slide them all the way to the tip end, making sure that the tip of each bag is down inside the star tip… 

multicoloredfrosting - 9

Next you need to point the bag upward and squeeze out any air.   Now start dispensing the buttercream onto a cupcake by starting at the outer edge, like Christin is doing in the picture above…

multicoloredfrosting - 10

Keep coming inward as you dispense the frosting in a circular motion…

multicoloredfrosting - 11

Until you’ve reached the middle…

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Then come straight up and away, and stop squeezing on the piping bag…

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And that’s all there is to it.  Easy Peasy….I say…

Don’t these look adorable for a baby shower or a child’s birthday party, and I’m sure yours will look better than mine. If I can do these anyone can…Have fun with these!!

Here’s a quick and easy buttercream frosting recipe if you don’t have one…


Buttercream Frosting

  • Author: Cindy Gibbs @ My Country Table
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Total Time: 10
  • Yield: 24


A light, creamy buttercream frosting that is buttery and delicious!


  • 2 sticks real unsalted butter, softened
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • 6 cups powdered sugar, more if needed
  • Up to 1 tablespoon milk or half & half, for piping or spreading consistency


  1. Place butter in a large mixing bowl and mix on medium speed with a hand or stand mixer, until light and creamy. Add the vanilla and mix for about thirty seconds. Add the sugar, two cups at a time, until it’s totally incorporated and mixture is light and creamy. Add a tiny bit of milk or half & half if needed for easy piping or spreading consistency.
  2. If using buttercream for tie dye frosting, divide the buttercream into three small bowls. Add a small amount of gel food coloring to each bowl and mix well until the food coloring is totally incorporated.