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National German Chocolate Cake Day!!


germanchocolatecake - 47_FotorToday is National German Chocolate Cake day, or is it really?  Some might argue that it’s really German’s Chocolate Cake day.  If you have a minute I’ll explain…

 I’ll start by saying  that this cake is not a German cake.  Next, I’ll explain how the original cake got its name.  In the mid 1800’s, a man by the last name of German went to work for a man by the last name of Baker.  Baker owned a chocolate company and he named it Baker’s Chocolate.  Baker’s company offered unsweetened chocolate only.  While working for Baker, in 1852, German developed a chocolate that was mild and sweet and could be used in baking. The chocolate was such a big hit, that Baker decided to name it after German.  Therefore, he named it Baker’s German‘s Sweet Chocolate.  

In 1957, a lady by the name of Mrs. George Clay submitted a cake recipe to the Dallas Morning News. She named the recipe German Sweet Chocolate Cake.  The cake was made using Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate. Perhaps, Mrs. Clay didn’t realize the chocolate was named after a person by the name of German verses being a German cake.  We’ll never know for sure why she dropped the ‘s from the name German.  What we do know is that the recipe quickly became popular and stores could not keep the chocolate on their shelves.

germanchocolatecake - 31

General Mills, the current owner of Baker’s, realized this and decided to post the recipe on the inside of their bar of chocolate wrapper.  They added the ‘s back to the name German.  It is assumed that Mrs. Clay probably thought the cake was of German origin, or she would probably have added the ‘s to the recipe name, and if that’s the case, Baker’s made the appropriate correction to the spelling on her behalf.  

So there you have it….so whether the above recipe was first referred to as German or German’s, the recipe itself is still the original.  

germanchocolatecake - 1

Today, the once paper wrapped bar, is now in a box and Baker’s has unfortunately stopped printing the cake recipe on the inside. 

Here is the link to my illustrated recipe for The Original German’s Chocolate Cake, which I’m posting today as well on behalf of National German‘s Chocolate Day.  

Cindy @ My Country Table