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Table Talk – Under The Knife


Happy Friday!!  By the time you’re reading this I will either be under the knife or back home.  I’m having some Carpal Tunnel surgery on my right wrist and hand today.  That being said…I won’t be able to edit pictures and type for a few days.  However, that definitely won’t stop me from baking things in the kitchen.  Trust me, I can mix up a batter of anything with my kitchen aid mixer and left hand.  I also have a dish washer who will do dishes for food.  He’s not picky either.  Last night I was busy in the kitchen preparing myself some food for the next couple of days and my dishwasher reminded me to include him.

Although, I had the option of being asleep during my procedure, I opted to stay awake.  Why?  I’m probably stupid for one, but there are two things I cannot tolerate in this life without becoming a real….I’ll just say grouchy  person.  The first one is going without food and the second one is the heat.  Both of them turn me into this person that I don’t even like.  Therefore, I’m eating right up until the minute the doctor says, “put down the donut Mrs. Gibbs, it’s time to start”.  

I have two little dogs to keep me company while I’m on the couch recovering… Coco & Cosmo.   I can’t even begin to tell you just how bad Cosmo is.  He weighs about 3 1/2 pounds but demands all of the attention…all of the time.  When I’m back home later on the couch, watching my favorite recorded shows, I’ll be scratching Cosmo with my left hand while Coco will be behaving and sitting beside me.  If I don’t scratch Cosmo, he nudges my hand and climbs upon my chest and gives me a stare down.  You can’t relax for a minute with him around.  When I think about all of the things I do for these two little babies, I wonder just what they do for me.  Oh that’s right…they show me unconditional love, forgive me when I scold them, (or maybe they just ignore me) and snuggle with me anytime I’m sitting or lying down.  I guess I’ll keep both of them. 

Hope you have a great weekend somewhere COOL!!!  It’s almost 90 here in Kentucky.

I’ll be posting soon, I promise!