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Table Talk – What can I do with 16 bottles of old Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

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Okay I need your help!  Don and I live such busy lives, and although I do the majority of the grocery shopping, Don tries to step in and help when he can.  Don loves a good deal!  If he’s out shopping somewhere and thinks he’s ran across a good deal on something, he is known for coming home with an entire case of the great deal.  He usually eagerly awaits for my arrival so he can show me his great deal and wait for my ” WOW honey” you did GREAT” response.  However, I sometimes have to remind myself that he really does mean well, as I try to hide the shock on my face, when I’m presented with his latest great find!! 

Don doesn’t spend much time cooking in the kitchen.  The kitchen is primarily my domain.  Some of his great deals in the past, have later disappeared, one can at a time, without his knowing it.  I won’t go into details here…

My biggest surprise was a couple of years ago when I came home and Don eagerly met me at the front door.  “Honey I went shopping for you today.  Wait ’til you see what I got for you.”  Uh oh….here we go again.  I had to follow him to the basement, where we have an extra pantry area….you would think an extra pantry space would be a good thing…

OMG…you bought how many bottles of EVOO?  Sixteen?  Oh my goodness!!  “Well aren’t you happy that I found this great deal?” he asked.  I struggled for a moment to come up with a good reply, then I asked him if he was familiar with the shelf life of EVOO.  His reply was “well…no, but I know it was a great deal and knew you would be proud of me.”  Enough said….

Okay, these aren’t twenty cans of Hominy or butter beans my friends….  What do you do with 16 bottles of EVOO?  HELP!  Does it really pay to have all of that extra pantry space in your basement when you have a husband who loves a great deal…quite frequently…

Well my friends it’s two years later, and I’ve decided it’s time to address the EVOO problem.  I decided there has to be some sort of use for all of this expired EVOO without having to dispose of it.  I know…I’m going to open a bottle and apply a little to my hair.  I heard it was very good for your hair.  Oh yes, the expiration date on my EVOO bottles reads November, 2014.  Okay then….so I brought one bottle of the expired EVOO upstairs to my bathroom.  I removed the lid and poured a tiny bit into the palm of my hand.  WHEW….have I mentioned the word RANCID!!  At this point I figured, what the heck…I rubbed the tiny amount throughout my hair and took a whiff of my hair.  Oh my…there has to be other uses for this stuff!  Well anyway, for some weird reason I felt the sudden need to lay my head down on my husband’s bed pillow and sort of rub my head all over it….or better yet, offer to give him a massage with it.  I’m really not a mean person though.

Okay, getting back to business, I decided to do some research on what to do with my EVOO.  Wow…much to my surprise, there are lots of things I can do with expired, rancid EVOO.  I know there are so many of you that have 16 or more bottles of expired EVOO sitting on a shelf somewhere, so I’ll share some of my findings with you.  

These are some of the things you can do with that expired, rancid, EVOO if you can get past the smell…

  • Lubricate those squeaky hinges on your front door
  • Lubricate all of your husbands tools….he’ll love you even more
  • Rub it into your wooden cutting board to keep it from drying out and cracking
  • Rub it on your leather car seats to help keep them supple…make sure you have air freshener in your car
  • Rub it on your fingernails
  • Use it to remove your makeup
  • Mix it with a little lemon juice and clean your wooden furniture
  • Rub it on old leather to make it more supple
  • Give the person who bought the 16 bottles of EVOO, a massage with it
  • Use it to help rub paint off of your skin
  • Rub it on your chapped lips if you can stand to do it
  • Rub it on your shoes to make them shine
  • Give it to your cat for hair balls….poor kitty
  • Put it in your pets food to help make their coat healthy and shiny
  • Add some salt or sugar to it and make an exfoliating scrub
  • Use it for treating diaper rash…the smell shouldn’t matter in this case 
  • Use it for a lubricant when sharpening knives
  • Use it on your children’s slide…..just kidding

Wow….these are just some of the things I can use my 16 bottles for.  It’s going to take me a long….long….time to use up 16 bottles of EVOO, so if you have any other uses for this stuff that I haven’t listed, please share them with me…..please….

Your foodie friend,


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