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What to do with Turkey Giblets



If you’re about to fix your very first turkey, you’re most probably going to find a small packet stuffed inside of the turkey cavity.  Next, you’re gonna wonder what the heck is in that packet.  Well that little packet contains the giblets.  The giblets consist of four things…the liver, neck, heart and gizzard.  Next, you’re probably wondering what you’re suppose to do with these giblets.  Well you have a few options here…

– You can throw them away, but I personally would not do that.

– You can feed them to your cat.  He’ll love you!                         

– You can cook them with some herbs and vegetables to make turkey stock to add to your pan drippings for a richer gravy. 

– You can roast them alongside the turkey to add richness to the turkey drippings, and make the cat happy too.

– You can cook them in water to make a broth for making extra gravy.  If you decide to deep fry your turkey, this would be your best option for making gravy.  Some people dice up the cooked giblets and add them back into the gravy…giblet gravy…

Note:  When cooking the giblets in water, the liver is never included.  The liver lends a bitter taste to broth or stock.  The liver is sometimes diced small and added to stuffing.  When baked, it does not give off a bitter taste. Your cat doesn’t mind if it tastes bitter.  He wants it!

Have fun with your giblets!

Cindy @ My Country Table



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