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Authentic German’s Chocolate Cake

This Authentic German’s Chocolate Cake is the original recipe for this super moist, mild chocolate cake, and it’s frosted with the most delectable Pecan Coconut Frosting that you’ll ever eat!!  

Back in the 1950s, this wonderful cake became very popular, and I requested it for several of my childhood birthdays.  Oops, I’m telling my age.  Today it is still just as popular as it was back then, although we now see many variations of the recipe, and most of them called German Chocolate Cake, dropping the s” on German.

germanchocolatecake - 31

This original recipe is made using Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate,  The chocolate is a bar of mild sweet chocolate, thus resulting in a mild chocolate cake.  The recipe can be found on the inside wrapper of the Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate Bar.  Many bakers today, replace the chocolate bar with dark chocolate.  Sorry, I just can’t do it.  I’ve enjoyed this authentic German’s Chocolate Cake for years, and I’m not changing a thing.  Besides, if you’re substituting the chocolate with any other chocolate, you’re not making a German’s Sweet Chocolate Cake.

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