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Strawberry Chiffon Pie

This Strawberry Chiffon Pie is the lightest and most refreshing pie you will ever eat.  Strawberries are the star of this pie, and unflavored gelatin, beaten egg whites and whipping cream, lend to the creamy and chiffon-like texture to this scrumptious pie.  

Summer is the time for cool desserts.  It’s also the season for lots of different fresh fruits.  Strawberries are one of Summers’ most popular fruits.  They are so refreshing any dessert, just like this Strawberry Chiffon Pie.  Not only is this pie cool and refreshing, but it’s delicious!  Oh, and it’s one of the easiest pies you’ll ever make.

Here’s all you do…

  • Crush some fresh strawberries and add some sugar and lemon juice.
  • Dissolve some gelatin, sugar, and water together.
  • Beat some egg whites
  • Add everything together and pour in pie shell and chill

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